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April 11, 2007:
The material about Uspensky Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin is added

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April  12, 2007:
The material about  the Cathedral of Vasily Blazhenny  is added

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April  11, 2007:
The material about Uspensky Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin is added

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Museums and monuments of culture of Moscow

The Uspensky Cathedral

Успенский собор

In northern part of the cathedral area the building with a strict and expressive decor is located. This is one of the most ancient temples of the Moscow Kremlin - the Uspensky cathedral.

As well as other cathedrals of the Kremlin constructed in XV century. It was erected on a place by the too small one-chapter of the church (1326-1327)  had the name of Uspenskoj and is the main cathedral in the Kremlin. In second half XV centuries influence of Moscow and Russian orthodox church has increased and it has demanded radical reorganization of city centre - the Kremlin - and, first of all, its main temple.

Успенский соборIn 1472 the great Moscow prince Ivan III and metropolitan Phillip charge to Russian masters Ivan Krivtsov and Myshkin to begin construction new Uspensky a cathedral. The architects should take Uspensky a cathedral in city Vladimir, constructed in XII century for the sample. Such desire of prince and metropolitan has been caused by aspiration to emphasize historical continuity of grand-ducal Moscow authority from great Vladimir princes.

Construction went successfully enough, and by May, 1474 walls of a temple have already been erected, but on the night of May, 20th the temple has unexpectedly failed … Invited for restoration of a cathedral the Pskov masters, having examined the collapsed construction to continue construction have refused

The Moscow prince Ivan III gives the instruction to the ambassador in Venice to Simeon Tolbuzinu to involve in construction of the main cathedral of the Kremlin the skilled foreign architect. The invitation of the ambassador was accepted by Italian architect Aristotel of Fioravanti. In the end of March, 1475 of Fioravanti has arrived to Moscow and in April has started disassembly of ruins of a cathedral. The platform for construction was ready to the end of month. In June have started to pawn deep (about 4 meters) the base which by the autumn has been finished. In the winter construction should be stopped. For this time of Fioravanti has left in Vladimir will get acquainted with the владимиро-Suzdal architecture – the requirement of customers to build cathedral on sample Vladimir remains in force.

In the spring of 1476 construction of a cathedral has renewed. In 1479 the cathedral has been constructed. Solemn ceremony of consecration of a new temple took place in August.

Architecture and internal furniture of the Uspensky Cathedral

Plots of painting

Icons of the Uspensky Cathedral

Monuments of an applied art of the Uspensky Cathedral

The plan of Moscow Kremlin

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