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April 11, 2007:
The material about Uspensky Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin is added

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April  12, 2007:
The material about  the Cathedral of Vasily Blazhenny  is added

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April  11, 2007:
The material about Uspensky Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin is added

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Museums and monuments of culture of Moscow

Architecture and internal furniture of the Uspensky

Успенский Собор

The Uspensky  cathedral differs the refined simplicity of registration of facades, extraordinary integrity of volume. This Cathedral is topped by five gold domes similar to helmets of old russian soldiers. The building has three inputs: southern, western and northern. The southern party of a temple is turned to the cathedral area where there were many solemn ceremonies - this input is conceived as main and issued especially elegantly.

To doors the wide ladder which is coming to an end белокаменным by a portal from three semicircular arches conducts

The input in a building as though is protected with two huge picturesque figures of angels.

Южный портал Успенского Собора

Above in arches from a white stone we can see figures sacred, and above them the image of the Mother of god with the baby. These multi-colour frescos are executed by unknown Russian artists of XVII century (subsequently frescos were repeatedly restored).

The spatial decision of an interior of a cathedral was unusual to the Moscow architecture.

The plan of  the Uspensky cathedral

План Успенского Собора

  1. The western portal.  An input.
  2. The southern portal. 
  3. The northern  portal.
  4. The altarnaja Barrier and iconostas
  5. Imperial Gate
  6. The Raka of Metropolitan Phillip
  7. The imperial place of Ivan IV Terrible
  8. The patriarchal Place
  9. The place of the Tsarinas
  10. The bronze tent and the raka of metropolitan Germogena
  11. The raka of metropolitan Ions
  12. The raka of metropolitan Peter in altarnaja part of temple
Фрагмент восточной стены Успенского Собора

The Uspensky  cathedral was under construction as the main temple of Russian state, but was used as a public building where ceremonies of secular character were arranged. Here there were ceremonies of wedding on an empire, purposes of metropolitans and patriarches, the major decrees were disclosed. In a cathedral buried chapters of Russian Orthodox church. Inside of a building, about walls, it is possible to see the gravestones closed by copper silvered covers (covers are made in the beginning of XX century).

Plots of painting

Icons of the Uspensky Cathedral

Monuments of an applied art of the Uspensky Cathedral

The plan of Moscow Kremlin

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