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April 11, 2007:
The material about Uspensky the Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin is added

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April  12, 2007:
The material about  the Cathedral of Vasily Blazhennogo  is added

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April  11, 2007:
The material about Uspensky the Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin is added

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History of Moscow

Moscow in  XII - XIII

Numerous archeological discoveries testify that during neolith epoch the tribes of hunters and fishers occupied the territory of future Moscow , and in bronze epoch -  cattlemen were living there

In the end of the 1st millenium there were small towns of Slavs - vjatiches and kriviches.

According to the materials of archaeoligical dig in Kremlin and Zaryad'e we can assume, that by the end of 11 century Moscow was a very small town.

The small town appeared around the Borovitsky hill, defensive structures - earth wall with wooden palings and channel with water - were constructed.
There is an assumption, that the small town belonged to boyar Kuchka and was named Kuchkovo. Jury Dolgoruky   got it  as a result of violent capture. The small town began to be called as Moskov.

The first mention in chronicles about Moskov concerns to 1147 when the prince of Suzdal Jury Vladimirovich Dolgoruky met the prince Chernigov  of Svjatoslav Olgovich and  arranged the dinner in his honour .

In 1156 Jury decided to strenghten the small town which protected the borders of his princedom. According to an ancient legend before he entrered  Moskov his way had been blocked « with big and strange animal  with three heads of different color ». A monk who was with prince that time interpreted that vision as follows « the apperance of the monster is a good sign . In the place where we go the city will grow, it will be the  great and mighty as this huge animal. People of many nations will unite in it, on what specifies different color of heads of the vision. » This vision increased the prince`s desire to base the city-fortress here, on border of his princedom. The author of the chronicles wrote about that: « the prince Jury climbed up to a mountain and, having looked over the environs on both sides of Moscow-river and Neglinnaja-river, ordered to construct a small wooden city soon and name it - Moscow-town.»

Jury enclosed Moskov with the earth wall with the height 8 meters and width 14 meters in the bottom, having topped it with oak walls.
The fortifications were hollow inside and were filled with the ground and stones. It was the first powerful circle of the strengthenings which existed for 150 years. This circle of  the strengthenings got the name Kremlin 200 years later . The total territory extended in 5-6 times. Moscow became the important city and defensive boundary of Vladimir-Suzdal princedom. During it`s history Moscow had been burned several times: for the first time it was burnt during invasion of an army of khan Batyj in 1237-38. In the winter of 1238 Mongols approached Moscow. Inhabitants courageously defended, but the Kremlin could not withdraw the Tatar hordes. Moscow and neighboring villages was burnt again. The majority of inhabitants was killed or stolen in a captivity. Even so Moscow could quickly built up.

Kremlim in history - Growth of small city

The map of Moscow area in XII-XIII

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