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April 11, 2007:
The material about Uspensky Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin is added

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April  12, 2007:
The material about  the Cathedral of Vasily Blazhenny  is added

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April  11, 2007:
The material about Uspensky Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin is added

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Museums and monumets of culture of Moscow

The Cathedral of Pokrova na Rvu

Vasily Blazhenny cathedral (Pokrovsky Cathedral, the Cathedral of Pokrova na Rvu) Vasily Blazhenny temple. One of the most known temples of Moscow, was constructed under the name of Pokrovsky cathedral in 1555-61 in honour of the victory under Kazan hanstvo on a holiday of the Pokrova of the Virgin Mary. Later on the church (attached to Vasily Blazhenny temple) denominated all the temple. Motley colurs reflect tastes of the that time (XVII century). Originally the temple was painted in red and white colours. Pokrovsky cathedral were built as the first city cathedral constructed outside of walls of the Kremlin, and should symbolize a unification of tsar with people.

POKROSKY CATHEDRAL, (the cathedral of Pokrova na Rvu or its popular but later name -   

Vasily Blazhenny's temple), is in Moscow, on the Red Sqaure, is a monument of Russian architecture.

It was constructed as a monument to victories over the war for conquest of the Kazan and Astrakhan empires in 1552-1554.

During the war a small wooden church was erected in honour of each victory there, there were constructed eight of them. After the victory Ivan Grozny ordered to put stone churches instead of wooden ones. But invited by tsar masters Barma and Postnik grouped on one basis eight column-like churches placed around of the ninth highest one. Between four axial churches there were smaller in height ones located; both those and others were topped by bulbous heads. The central temple (ends by a tent with small head) was devoted to a holiday of Pokrova of the Mother of god, the day when Kazan had been taken with an attack, and the temple named all the cathedral. The bypass gallery (originally opened) was constructed around the churches, the churches were connected inside by vaulted passages.

BARMA - is the Russian architect of 16th century, he together with Postnik created Vasily Blazhenny temple.

POSTNIK - actually it`s a name of two Russian architects of the middle of 16th century:

1) Postnik Yakovlev - is the Pskov master, the builder of a part of southern walls and some towers of the Kremlin (1556-62) and of Blagoveshchensk cathedral (1562) in Kazan; also the construction of the cathedral (1560) of Uspensky monastery in Sviyazhsk is attributed to him.

2) the master who constructed (together with Barma) Vasily Blazhenny temple (Pokrovsky cathedral, na Rvu). But probably, both Postniks (and also Barma and Postnik) - are the same person.

The construction was taking place since 1555 till 1561. The bases, sole plate and details were made of white stones, and churches were built with bricks. That planing, natural bricky-white scale was original painting of the cathedral. The originality of shape of the cathedral - absence of the accented main facade, impressive external impression with rather small internal space - accented its value as a monument. Up to the end of XVII century the cathedral was the highest building of Moscow, with the hight of 60 meters

In 1588 the tenth church was built above a tomb of known in Moscow foolish Vasily Blazhenny. Possibly, the construction of separately standing belfry at the east corner of the cathedral refer to the same period . In XVII century the cathedral was repaired, and on the place of the disassembled belfry the tent "vosmerik" was erected. Then the cathedral has was painted. Up to nowadays the temple is known as a monument of the two centuries - XVI and XVII.

The plan of Moscow Kremlin

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